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“My husband & I have been training with Famisha for 6 months and we could not be happier. We look forward to our sessions and she makes fitness fun. Famisha is a genuine trainer who truly cares about our health, not just the money we pay her. She cares for us more than just our 60 minute sessions. On our days off from training with her, she will expect pictures of our treadmill, that show how much cardio we have done. How many other trainers are paying attention to their clients, after their workout session is over? I never thought I would look forward to working out, and I truly feel sluggish if I miss more than 2 days of not working out. Famisha has truly made us understand, the word "moderation". We have learned from Famisha, the proper nutrients to make us feel full, and give us energy. As for muscle tone, I’ve never had that, and am very excited to actually now have it. We are very lucky to have Famisha in our life, and could not even imagine training with anyone else. She has definitely found her calling in life!” ~ Heather & Tory

Heather & Tory

“I've been training with Famisha since December 2011. I've had other trainers, but have never seen results like I have with Famisha. She's passionate about fitness and helping people be the most fit they can be. I lost two sizes in just the first month of our training sessions together. She knows what she's doing and couldn't be more encouraging to her clients! I look forward to my training sessions every week!” ~ Linda

“I've been training with Famisha for over 6 years because she's the only trainer I've worked with that's gotten me RESULTS! She gets me to do things I never thought I could do, like knock out 90 push ups in a row or survive, even enjoy, her fitness boot camps. She motivates me using strength and laughter - I literally smile throughout my workouts. She's helped me get from a size 12 to a size 2 and stay there. She's worked with me through injuries and helped me get back to health. If you are ready to commit yourself to reaching your fitness goals, Famisha is the right trainer for you. I'll be with her for life!” ~ Jocelyn

Jocelyn ~  Before  / After

“I am not sure what I love the most about Famisha and training with her…her unique private gym, equipped with everything needed for an amazing and great workout, her ability to truly get results in a short amount of time, or her seriously contagious energy that just makes you want to work hard. I love it all!  

I have been training with Famisha since the month I found out I was pregnant with my second baby. My first pregnancy I sat around, ate a lot, and thought about how great it was to be pregnant. This pregnancy, I was incredibly active, trained all the way up until 3 days before my baby was born, and truly enjoyed a much more energetic and easier pregnancy! The difference between my two pregnancies was HUGE. I had c-sections with both babies, however, this time, I was up and walking around out of bed by the next day! I couldn’t wait to get training again as soon as the doctor released me at 6 weeks. And by 18 weeks post-pregnancy, I had lost most of the 45 pounds I gained during pregnancy! The BEST part has been the reactions from people when they see me walking around with my new baby. Most people can’t believe I am in THIS good of shape already, and it’s only because I stuck with it and kept working hard all throughout the pregnancy and as soon as I could afterward.

1st pregnancy

W/ No Training

2nd pregnancy

training w/Glisten Girls Fitness

Amy today.

I felt so confident with Famisha’s training and skills, and knowing she was certified to work with me as a pregnant client was a huge comfort…she knew exactly what I should and should not do…I even got to do boot camp with her until I was 7 months pregnant, and she always had great modifications for me to do so that it was safe for the baby and me! Now my baby is 7 months old and I weigh less than I did when I got pregnant and lost 4 (almost 5) sizes! Thanks Famisha, for always encouraging me to work hard and to enjoy the results, you are the BEST!” ~ Amy Simmons

“Before I met Famisha, I had never been one to work out at a gym or attend any type of classes. I only worked out at home, which consisted solely of cardio on the treadmill. Obviously, cardio can only go so far and as time went on, I became very bored with the treadmill so I stopped working out all together and wasn't eating right. Naturally, I became really out of shape and when the number on the scale continued creeping up, I decided it was time to make a real change. I wanted to not only get back in shape, I also had a strong desire to get in the best shape of my life. I knew this meant a life-style change that consisted of eating right, strength training and cardio. It also meant I needed a professional to help me on this journey. I took a long time and did extensive research before deciding on a personal trainer. When I found Famisha, I knew right away that she was the ONE! I told my husband that all I wanted for Christmas was a personal training package with Famisha. Well, I got exactly what I asked for and I started training with Famisha on January 2, 2013. I loved her from the day I met her! On my first session, she took all my measurements & we set goals. My goal was to lose 25 lbs. Famisha helped me set even more goals body fat% & inches lost goals, things I never even thought about before. She also helped me establish a healthy eating plan and required me to log every single thing I consumed and bring the log with me to my sessions. This definitely helped me to stay accountable and on task.

BEFORE: Jan 2013

Body fat: 33%

135 lbs

After: Aug 2013

Body fat: 21%

110 lbs

There are so many things that Famisha offers, which I wholeheartedly believe can't be duplicated with any other trainer…the private sessions in her own home gym customized for YOU, her contagious energy and LOVE for fitness actually helps you look forward to working out, how she checks in on you all the time and makes sure you are also working out on the days you are not with her, her professionalism, certifications and knowledge of fitness, how she pushes you to do things you never thought possible, her intense Bootcamp (which changed my entire attitude on group classes), her genuine interest and desire to help you get FIT, FLY and FABULOUS and stay there! The list goes on and on and on. I'm living proof that working out with Famisha gets REAL RESULTS. In only 6 short months, on my birthday in fact, I hit my goals! Not only did I lose 25 Ibs, I lost over 20 inches and 12% body fat!! And I gained so much self confidence and a whole new perspective on eating healthy and working out. Thank you Famisha!” ~ Jackie

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“I have been a client of Famisha's for 5 years. My husband introduced me to her and she promised to change my life through the power of fitness. I thought, "Well, Okay, we'll see about that." I wanted to fit into my own clothes again, not maternity! I have 3 children, ages 4, 5, and 6, so I felt like I lived in maternity clothes from 2006-2009!

Famisha was absolutely right. I did get back into my clothes and I look and feel better than ever before! She tells me all the time I shouldn't doubt my trainer!  She has transformed me into a fitness addict. I love working with her because she pushes me hard, harder than I would push myself! I train with her for an hour twice a week. I also participate in her Saturday morning boot camps, where I usually burn 900+ calories! I am proud to be one of Famisha’s Fit Divas!” ~ Amy Wilson

Amy Wilson~After

Amy Wilson ~ Before (June 2009)

"I have tried everything. Trainers, diets, workout programs, you name it, I tried it. I would lose some weight but would gain it back or not lose anything. I took kickboxing for 9 months and lost nothing. Dealing with PCOS, hasn't been easy. Post hysterectomy, I was able to lose some weight and then plateaued again. I was on Facebook and noticed, a girlfriend going to a bootcamp in my neighborhood. I followed the links to Famisha's website. It's been a little over a year from that day and my life has changed drastically. My body has changed so much and is still changing. Famisha, holds you accountable. For how you eat, workout, everything. She invests her everything when you are with her. It hasn't been easy, I do still plateau, but then she changed it up. She always reminds me that it isn't diet or fad but a lifestyle. I still have a ways to go but with Famisha by my side I know that I will get to my goal." ~ Shahneelah

21.75 TOTAL BODY inches LOST, 20.58 lbs of FAT LOST and 30 lbs LOST on the scale.

Shahneelah ~  Before  / After